Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Holland (veni vidi vici)

A couple of other craftster girls and myself are working on the preparations for our proposed exhibition.

Outline snippet:
Australian aboriginals lived off the land for thousands of years, using native flora and fauna for food, building materials, medicine and clothing. By using these plants and animals to represent a traditional European custom, that is Christmas dinner, we seek to stimulate discussion on the place of nature and culture in a European colonised country, while also questioning ideas of patriotism and environmentalism.

Super excited to make things. I am thinking of hand dying fleece tops using natural dyes from Australian plants. I'm intrigued by making my own dyes from native fauna on our farm.


Monster bag of lint! well not lint but discarded fleece that catches in the machine when being dried after washing.
I'm using this cast off alpaca fleece as stuffing. It smells surprisingly sweet like honey. weird.
Kidneys stuffed with the fleece

Offal nice kidney brooches 2008 to control temperament and disposition
heat transfer, cotton fabric, gold velveteen, black, mint + neon green thread.


Finger gestures, handsewn felt brooches
Making these for the Melbourne Design Market 08
Fingers crossed
skeletal crossed
boney bird