Sunday, August 29, 2010

winter favourites (august)

hand felted neck warmer from my friends Kate + Rob, super soft!

Wardrobe, found on the footpath, 1 of 2 left out, my housemate and I have matching wardrobes now!, Made in Australia, nice fixings/hardware, lovely matching burl veneer, nice curves and handles.
Just have to rearrange my room, to make everything fit!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

just bob your head like you get it

"Thursdays are manic" -- a pharmacist once said to me.

A week of milestones
- 1 month in my new house/living with my flatmate
- 27th Birthday
- Decade since the passing of two friends

It's been some time since i've sat down and made something of substance. Recently it's all been about sewing clothes/trying to sew clothes. The last thing I made was a skeleton hand/arm neck piece...not very much.
At the moment I have an Angora goat leg in my mum's freezer. One Goat from My sister's herd needed to get its leg amputated and I asked my sister if she could get the vet to keep the limb. I really want to preserve it or stuff it and have it as a neck piece. Maybe not the entire leg as it's pretty darn big, but maybe the hoof/fetlock, so there's the trotter/hoof and some leg with fleece.

Need to get working on a solo proposal, but I want it to be of new work, no a hack of existing things I work on.......have an inkling of an idea, but need to draw it out.

Friday, August 6, 2010

don't ever fade away

Today is for sewing a gold dress, for warm vapours from mint tisane, for a belly full of pancakes. Today is for washing clothes, for baking cakes and for moving furniture.
Today is for Joy Division, for Madonna and for Gorillaz. Today is for manicures and pedicures, for exfoliating and quiet. Today is for looking for liquor, going to the bank, phoning maman and sweeping the kitchen floor.

august favourites

Cookbook of Liam's + gold dress in progress

Sunday, August 1, 2010


In news:
Moved house with my friend Liam, we're habituating in Nth Melb now. Definitely different to inner city, I do miss being so central, but I was spoilt living on flinders lane for so many years. Anyway nth melb is different in a good way, quieter, terrace house and still within stubling distance of the city.

Anyway, have had some super inspiration for sewing some dresses. Picked up and amazing gold foil/black fabric, gonna make into a dress with gaping side/tie up shoulders.
Also got some blue woven woolen fabric, to make a capelet, it will be line with silky leopard print, super trash the way i like it. AND some bronze/tarnished gold coloured lace and shiny fabric for a dress--lace sleeves-- yeah for trash.