Sunday, August 1, 2010


In news:
Moved house with my friend Liam, we're habituating in Nth Melb now. Definitely different to inner city, I do miss being so central, but I was spoilt living on flinders lane for so many years. Anyway nth melb is different in a good way, quieter, terrace house and still within stubling distance of the city.

Anyway, have had some super inspiration for sewing some dresses. Picked up and amazing gold foil/black fabric, gonna make into a dress with gaping side/tie up shoulders.
Also got some blue woven woolen fabric, to make a capelet, it will be line with silky leopard print, super trash the way i like it. AND some bronze/tarnished gold coloured lace and shiny fabric for a dress--lace sleeves-- yeah for trash.

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