Monday, August 16, 2010

just bob your head like you get it

"Thursdays are manic" -- a pharmacist once said to me.

A week of milestones
- 1 month in my new house/living with my flatmate
- 27th Birthday
- Decade since the passing of two friends

It's been some time since i've sat down and made something of substance. Recently it's all been about sewing clothes/trying to sew clothes. The last thing I made was a skeleton hand/arm neck piece...not very much.
At the moment I have an Angora goat leg in my mum's freezer. One Goat from My sister's herd needed to get its leg amputated and I asked my sister if she could get the vet to keep the limb. I really want to preserve it or stuff it and have it as a neck piece. Maybe not the entire leg as it's pretty darn big, but maybe the hoof/fetlock, so there's the trotter/hoof and some leg with fleece.

Need to get working on a solo proposal, but I want it to be of new work, no a hack of existing things I work on.......have an inkling of an idea, but need to draw it out.

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