Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lady Beards

Working with the fab Ms Katie Jacobs for a project about BEARDS at the Hawthorn townhall.

So we're planning on making bearded ladies or lady beards. A series of 6 famous Australian facial hair --beards and moustaches-- as female pubic hair.

It will be an interactive piece, where the public can choose the lady beard, and attach it onto our lady on the wall.

At the moment, we're thinking the lady will be a re-drawing of Venus de Milo.
the lady beards are going to be
1. Map of Tasmania, 3D mini model with river system.
2. The cricketer, long stitch brown wool a la Boon, Chappell or Merv Hughes.
3. The Nick Cave/The Bad Seed, a Cave moustache woven from cassette tape spool.
4. The Shannon Noll, flannel shirt of the uber gross goatee
5. The Ned Kelly, styled like his famed armour, made from tin with rivets and peephole.

Some photos of mucking around...inspiration picks.
We do try to be witty, non gross, non porn, and not overtly feminist.