Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Manifesto because

While writing a manifesto for the Beast Least Seen project, I noted many conditions that make me make stuff. Whether they be living situations, relationships, seeking attention or respect, I compiled a rather long list of things.

This is an offshoot from that process. Not really a manifesto, more a statement of conditions. I wrote it while on the train coming back to the city, a nightmare of a trip where some awful man eating roast chicken was throwing the bones on the carriage floor and got extremely angry at me for not talking to him...


Kate is On The Make said...

I am for an art...that is made by Britt Veitch!! Yeah, I can relate to all those. I really like "because I don't understand" and "because I am better than you"
And one more:
I am an artist because I can't do anything else.

Britt said...

'because I can't do anything else'= brilliant!

Perhaps i could add, 'because i am a brat' as it sounds/read a bit bratish.

Anyway, it's good to know you feel the same. Your Art is always amazing and you're always doing many projects and exhibitions!
hmm a set of commonalities amongst artists for affirmation, appreciation, and ways to fill life's voids??