Monday, May 17, 2010

Not feeling too creative, except when talking about Gary Busey, or limping legs, or scratching out comics at work with eyes look in different directions.

Feeling that I should be doing more, but not certain to what it is I should be doing. Not sure what to do next with Beasts Least Seen, or how we're going to put our app together. Would feel better if we had a gallery, or somewhere wanting our work.

Passing the time drawing on a banana at work, propped it up on a mug facing my colleague with a speech bubble "i'm watching you", my colleague and I agreed the banana would probably drive a van and offer kids candy.

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Kate is On The Make said...

Another genius Britt moment. I'm watching you too!
Do ya wanna have coffee tomorrow morning? I am going through a phase of socialising as inspiration (actually, that is totally my life).

And Beasts Least the fashion festival, or at this gallery in sydney called Breathing Colours in Balmain? Or inflight space in tasmania? What about seventh? Or C3? Actually that is the best option, they have closing dates soon, but I'm sure JB would be keen for another genius show from you.