Wednesday, February 11, 2009

homework day

I spent yesterday catching up on some exhibition homework and made somoe real headway *yay*
One of the problems i was having is it's all fineand dandy choosing cute little possums and bandicoots, but how do you make them into a food dish and still have them recognisable?? Meat looks like meat doesn't it. Then, a moment of inspiration.
I have been at this from the wrong direction. Maintain distinguishable features; tail, beak, colour, covering.
-Pygmy possum tails as napkin rings

-Cake/dessert items 'iced' with Bogong moths and/or blue mountain butterflies. I saw a picture of the moths clustered together like a shingled roof.

- 4+ 20 black bird pie. in Oz we have a meat pie brand four and twenty, and i thought the blackbird componant could be currawongs and magpies. feet protruding from a pie crust, with the pie presented on a feather lined plate.

-In place of the traditional roast turkey/goose/chicken a black swan, served a la henry 8th with the skin/feathers pulled back over the cooked flesh.

- Echidna, display for food jammed on its spikes. It's tacky, reminds me of cheese cubes and bits of sausage on tooth picks

- Marbled emu eggs

- Emu or heron or spoonbill feet done like chicken feet.

- and possible have small creatures like spinifex mouse and dunnarts appearing in floral arrangements or near the foot of the table, as a reference to the english furniture style where mice/dormouse were carved on table legs, edges, etc.

Behold the chicken scratch doodles

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