Friday, February 20, 2009

nuno, nuno, nuno

I spent the early part of the afternoon making some nuno felt. I layed out my pre selected colour palette.

Superb fairy wren: I love the electric blue of the suri lock!

Crimson Rosella: For a mounted head. I went silk crazy, lavishing vivid bougainvillea purple raw silk. Can't wait to work with this....and i've never made a parrot shaped beak either...ooohhh...

Butterfly base: ulysses and cairns birdwing. This clour block will be cut up and sewn to make wings. The butterflies will be used along side Bogon Moths as icing for a tiered cake. mmmm insecty....

My mum helped me, as we worked on the 3 pieces at the same time. It was like having an apprentice which was awesome...but strange as mum is the one with more knowledge, and I still ask her 'Is this right?' or 'more water?'

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